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First, please remember that when you upgrade your membership or buy Advertising Packs, you are buying advertising services from us. Any income you earned from our site is either commissions from sales or commissions from the results of sharing our services with others. When you share our services with others, we will compensate you for your time and efforts through commissions and bonuses.

We are paying commissions from actual purchases of advertising within our system. We are not paying a percentage, we are paying you commissions from our sales... so the money is real. It is coming from the actual money already received by the system, not from money that will be received from "future" payments. Your commissions and the money in your account is real money, you can cash it out anytime!

We have one of the best affiliate programs in the industry. Unlike other "revenue sharing" sites, our members are not limited to income from profit sharing only. Even when your ad packs have expired, you still can earn commissions from our system.

Sales Commissions/Profit Sharing

We share 100% of profits from our sales with our members.
We implemented an Automatic-Adjustments algorithm in our profit sharing.
Those who promised a fixed percentage at a certain fixed time are guaranteed to fail. You can not make a promise based on "unpredictable" future sales. Our program will adjust profit sharing distribution based on actual sales. There is no preset time, frequency, amount, or percentage for profit sharing. It varies throughout the day depending on the number of sales (upgrades and purchases). There is no time limit to our longevity as we refuse to and will never operate our business on negative cash flow.

Sponsor Bonus

Every member will receive $1 Sponsor bonus instantly in their account when he/she personally sponsored an upgraded member plus $0.50 sales commission every month from every member in their group when they make purchases. This alone gives sponsors an infinite income potential because everyone can refer an unlimited number of members.

Cash Pool Bonus

$1 from EVERY purchase (and upgrade) goes to a cash pool. When the amount in the pool reach $50, $2 will be awarded randomly to 25 members (20 members with $0 balance and 5 members with less than $15 in their account balance). This is one way to ensure that EVERY member will not only earn income from our system but will be in profit as quickly as possible.

Sales Commissions

Our compensation plan allows members to earn sales commissions even after the Advertising packs have expired.

Having separate compensation plans for upgrades/subscriptions and purchases keeps our system from growing too fast which will eventually slow down earning. In addition, our programmers have designed the algorithm to add new levels in the future when necessary to maintain the speed of earning.

Best Strategy
Our top earners buy different advertising packages whenever possible. To maximize your earnings, you must diversify your portfolio so you have immediate income (profit sharing) and future income from many different sources.

Although sponsoring others is optional, you will earn a lot more if you do.

Main wallet and Purchase wallet

We have a 2 wallet system: a Main wallet and a Purchase wallet.
  • 75% of earnings will go to the Main wallet and 25% of earnings will go to the Purchase wallet.
  • The amount in the Main wallet can be withdrawn or used for purchases.
  • The amount in the Purchase wallet can be used for purchases only.
  • You can watch your Main wallet grow (purchases from the Purchase wallet will not affect your Main wallet).
  • The amount in the Purchase wallet must be used for purchases (can not be withdrawn) to keep our members earning and our program growing. Keeping the money in the Purchase wallet does not benefit you or anyone else in the system, it will only decrease the profit sharing and the cycling speed.
  • You can withdraw money in your Main wallet minus the money you have in your Purchase wallet. If you want to withdraw all the money in your Main wallet then you must spend all the money in your Purchase wallet. This will ensure that every member participate in our growth and contribute to the success of every member. Purchases from your Purchase wallet do not affect your Main wallet other than allowing you to withdraw more from your Main wallet (if your Purchase wallet is empty, you can withdraw 100% of the money in your Main wallet).

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